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Refined By: Agricultural and Environmental Technologies

Careers in Agricultural and Environmental Technologies

In this interactive activity produced for Teachers' Domain, investigate three possible career paths in agricultural and environmental technologies: farming and agricultural production, science and information management, and environmental services and systems. Explore each path to learn more about the education and experience required for jobs such as agricultural products grader/sorter,...

Agritechnology Curriculum Framework

This material provides a curriculum framework created by the Florida Department of Education for an Agritechnology career preparatory pathway in high school and/or college adult vocational certificate. The framework aligns with the Career Clusters delineated by the U.S. Department of Education. This resource is free to download from ATEEC; users must create a free login to access.

Policy: Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims

Calls for the closer integration of science in political decision-making have been commonplace for decades. However, there are serious problems in the application of science to policy — from energy to health and environment to education. To address these problems this article suggests to improve policy-makers' understanding of the imperfect nature of science through the understanding of 20 key...

Sustainable Practices: Occupational Profile

This table, created by the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center, outlines the duties and tasks associated with establishing sustainable practices in the workplace. Duties range from areas like Communications, to research and analysis, to project management, while tasks include items like providing training, understanding the authorizing environment, and establishing baseline bench...

Pulp and Paper Operator: Occupational Profile

This document, created by the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center, serves as an overview of job tasks assigned to pulp and paper operators. What is a pulp and paper operator? As the document explains, a pulp and paper operator "observes, monitors, and supports the process of pulp and paper making. [These individuals] possess the skills for a multi-faceted production environment,...

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Defining Water Management Report

This 36-page Defining Water Management report, created by the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center, validates and updates occupational information collected from business, industry, educators, technicians, researchers, and government representatives. The report defines the water management field and identifies occupational categories and job functions. Water management categories...

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Regional Water Conversations Report

This 64-page Regional Water Conversations report, provided by the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center, is a compilation of six regional water forums held with business and industry professionals. The main purpose of the forums was to gain an understanding of existing and upcoming water management jobs and to determine occupational needs in different regions of the country. Regions...