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Energy & Environmental Programs Databases

ATEEC provides information and links to 2-year and 4-year colleges and high schools that offer environmental and energy technology programs, and 100+ program descriptions. Search the map of programs in energy and environmental technology, or download a PDF of the full listing of each that includes the college, degree, program web site, and school web site.
UNESCO Resource Kit: Science and Technology Education

This resource kit is provided by Unesco and is designed to aid in teaching scientific and technological literacy. "Scientific and technological literacy is about understanding and applying concepts, process skills, attitudes, and values which enable a person to relate science and technology to the life and culture of his/her own society." This resource kit includes 26 modules relating to...
Build-It Solar: The Renewable Energy Site for Do-It-Yourselfers

This web site provides renewable energy activities and projects. The site is divided into the following sections: Home, Getting Started, Projects, References, Half Program, Experimental, and Site Map. Project topics include Conservation, Solar Thermal, Solar Electric, Bio Fuels, Solar Cooking, and many more.
A Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation

This 40-page consultant report from the California Energy Commission provides tools and guidelines for installers ensure that residential photovoltaic power systems are properly specified and installed, resulting in a system that operates to its design potential. This document sets out key criteria that describe a quality system, and key design and installation considerations that should be met to...
Alternative Energy Lessons: Level III

This website has 22 lesson plans in alternative energy developed by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The lesson plans include the following topics: the photoelectric effect, efficiency of energy conversion, the photoelectric effect in photocells, chemical consequences of burning fossil fuels, The Geology of Oil and Coal, environmental pollution, Where Do Plants Get...
Solar Kit Lessons

This website has 15 lesson plans in solar energy developed by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The lesson plans include the following topics: solar cell inquiry, sunshine timer, parts of a solar panel I, parts of a solar panel II, build a simple ammeter, solar-powered battery charger, positioning solar panels I: explorations with tracking, positioning solar panels II:...
Lesson and Lab Activity with Photovoltaic Cells

This lesson and lab activity was created by Dan Delorme and introduces students to the history and theory of photovoltaic (PV) cells. A laboratory investigation follows the lesson and asks students to use PV cells to power operating circuits that will be constructed in order to perform simple tasks. This lesson and lab includes the following sections: Lesson on Photovoltaic Cells, Introduction, A...
Maximum Power Point: Principles of Optimizing Photovoltaic Cell Power Output

This lesson is adapted from PSU's GREATT lesson, Solar Power: The History, Chemistry, and Application of Photovoltaics. In this Maximum Power Point lesson, "students will investigate how to optimize the power output of a photovoltaic cell using a home-made gnomon stand. Data collected from students' investigations will be used to create current-voltage and power-voltage curves to determine the...
BMW Hydrogen Technology 3D Animation

This video is a tank and engine animation of the BMW Hydrogen 7 car. The video is 3 minutes and 18 seconds in length.
National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project

This is the homepage for the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project that offers energy information and programs for teachers and students. "Since its founding, NEED has kept its Kids Teaching Kids philosophy as a fundamental principle of NEED programming - encouraging students to explore, experiment, and engage, and encouraging teachers to embrace student leadership in the...
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