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Optics 179
Computer System Engineering

This is a course description for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) course 6.033, Computer System Engineering.  It covers topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems, such as: techniques for controlling complexity; strong modularity using client-server design, virtual memory, and threads; networks; atomicity and coordination of parallel activities; recovery and...
Ethical Issues in Technology Management

This Ethical Issues in Technology Management syllabus is from course taught at Portland State University, and "was designed to meet the needs of engineers who are or will be moving into greater responsibility for management as they advance in the profession." Course topics include: Professional and Moral Issues, Moral Reasoning and Ethical Theories, Engineering as Social Experimentation,...
Everyday Examples in Engineering (E3s)

This website, from the EGAGE: Engaging Students in Engineering program presents resources designed to retain engineering students with Everyday Examples in Engineering. There are two types of Everyday Examples in Engineering (E3s). First are lesson plans and solutions, most of which have been prepared using the principle of the 5Es: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. The second type...
Estimating Position and Orientation of an Unmanned Guided Vehicle with Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Sensing

This paper, from Ravindra Thamma of the School of Engineering and Technology at Central Conneticut State University, covers the estimation of position and orientation of unmanned vehicles with ultrasound and radio frequency sensing. Topics include methods to find position for navigational aid, distance estimation of a Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) from the base station, counter programs to...
International Journal of Modern Engineering

This page from The International Journal of Modern Engineering (IJME), offers up their archives covering issues beginning in 2000 to current. The publication is the first peer-reviewed online journal covering topics that appeal to a broad readership of engineering, engineering-technology, and industrial-technology fields.
American Society for Engineering Education Conference Proceedings

This website presents a search engine for the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) paper proceedings presented at different ASEE annual conference meetings since 1996. Visitors can search by title, author, conference, and year.
A Classroom/Distance Learning Engineering Course on Wireless Networking with Virtual Lab

This paper, from engineering faculty at Purdue University and the president of ATeL LLC, producer of virtual lab technology, covers the design of an engineering course on "Wireless Networking" in a traditional classroom and distance learning format. The paper discusses "how classroom learning can be enhanced by making available to learners the classroom lecture in audio/video/pdf format from...
Global Trends in Patenting

This paper, from Ben D. Cranor, Matthew E. Elam, and Jerry D. Parish, of Texas A&M University-Commerce, covers global trends in patenting. Topics include the U.S. position in the global marketplace, the U.S. trade balance in high-tech goods and high-tech manufacturing, real per capita income growth, and U.S. and global trends in patenting.
Task Diminishment: Construction Value Loss Through Sub-Optimal Task Execution

This paper, by John R. Patton of the Home Depot and Indiana State University, covers the topic of task diminishment in construction work. Task diminishment is described as sub-optimal execution that fails to conform to a task requirement. The paper offers a literature review of the topic, as well as a case-study with a big box retailer.
Teaching Circuits to Multiple Disciplines: Hardware, Software, Both?

This paper, from Nourreddine Bekhouche and Terry Marbut from the Technology and Engineering Department of Jacksonville State University, presents a study "to determine the effectiveness of utilizing software laboratories in lieu of or at least in addition to traditional hardware laboratory exercises" in electronics technology programs. The results of the study are presented and discussed.
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