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Electronic Careers

Description:  This learning module is provided by Work-Ready Electronics and covers electronics careers, including job pathways. Work-Ready Electronics modules are intended to be used either independently or integrated with current electronics curricula in college programs. This module is divided into three sections: Course Materials, Learning Activities, and Research. Contents: The Course...

Engineer Girl

This website from the National Academy of Engineering is intended to bring attention to the opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women. The websites includes a directory of women engineers, interviews, information about historical engineers, facts about engineering careers, information on how to become engineer, and much more. 

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Technical Program Recruitment: Ten Tips to Thinking Outside the Box

These presentation slides, made available by Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC), provide tips for improving student recruitment into technical education programs. The slides provide information on trends in enrollment as of 2008 as well as some background on the presenter and Fox Valley Technical College. Tips include: Focus On One Student at a Time, Have a Tour That is...

National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science

The National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology, & Sciences (IWITTS) website provides articles on training, strategies, publications, and technical assistance designed to integrate women into technology and law enforcement careers in which they are underrepresented. Careers range from automotive technician to pilot, computer networking technician, telecommunications engineer, electrician,...

Standing Our Ground: A Guidebook for STEM Educators in the Post-Michigan Era

Emerging from a think-tank sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Standing Our Ground: A Guidebook for STEM Educators in the Post-Michigan Era provides legal guidance on two Michigan rulings that affirmed the importance of a diverse learning environment, but struck down the use of race as a quantitative "plus factor" in undergraduate admissions decisions. This paper is intended to help guide...

About Computers in the Classroom: Changing Girls' Attitudes About Computers

This resource, from Educational CyberPlayGround, provides information about women's important contributions to the history of computing and computers. The stories of notable women are presented, such as those profiled in the 2016 film "Hidden Figures," Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson; and the "Bletchley girls" who were women employed during World War II to transcribe German...

A Debate on Encouraging Women in Science & Engineering,Mary.pdf

This paper from F. Mary Williams, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland, covers the debate over interventions that get more women and minorities involved in the sciences. The argument is that "programs which promote the participation of women or other minorities, have been criticized by some for diluting the quality of science delivered by the...

IWITTS Proven Practices Collection

The Proven Practices site from the National Institute of Women in Trades, Technology, and Sciences provides "research-based blueprint for recruiting and retaining women and girls in the technology classroom." With hundreds of articles and case studies, divided into retention and recruitment, this collection of resources will help educators and educational programs bring more women into technology...

Websites for Girls and Young Women with Interest in IT

This website is intended to help parents and teachers get girls interested in engineering and technology. This website has a list of recommended activities, readings, websites, and much more. The content is appropriate for various ages and includes many interdisciplinary topics, such as biographies of women working for NASA, and opportunities for girls in STEM education.

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Recruitment Tips: Slides

These presentation slides, made available byMaricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC), provide tips for improving student recruitment intotechnical education programs. The slides provide a brief overview of the Jackson State Community College Model and then listcollege recruitment tips. Tips include: Make a Good School Website; Have a Tour That is Interesting and Informative; Give a...

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