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Screenshot for MIT OpenCourseWare: Transport Processes in the Environment, Fall 2004
Part of MIT's innovative OpenCourseWare Project that provides materials from MIT classes to the public on the web, this site outlines a class on the physical processes by which materials, such as pollutants, are transported in the environment. The course focuses primarily on transport through water....
Screenshot for How to Build & Play a Theremin
This video, presented by Mark Keppinger, instructs viewers about the history, sound, and construction of the Theremin.  Named after its inventor, Leon Theremin, the Theremin was one of first fully electronic musical instruments.  The video series is composed of four individual videos.
Screenshot for Steady-state Characteristics of a Synchronous Motor (part 2)
These diagrams are provided by the University of Minnesota and show the the steady-state characteristics of a synchronous motor.  These "phasor diagrams are shown as function of the load P with the excitation voltage E kept constant." 
Screenshot for Learning Objects for Electronics
This web site, hosted by Gateway Technical College, houses several learning objects and lectures using Flash animations and Camtasia videos in the following electronics topic areas: DC/AC circuits, digital electronics, electronic devices, transistor fundamentals, op amp fundamentals, electronic...
This lecture series, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biointeractive project, features the following lectures: "Understanding Embryonic Stem Cells," "Adult Stem Cells and Regeneration," "Coaxing Embryonic Stem Cells," and "Stem Cells and the End of Aging." Each lecture, available in Flash...