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Demystify Material Safety Data Sheets with the MS-Demystifier

This is an interactive site that allows an Material Safety Data Sheets to be copied and pasted, then translated into more understandable language. The MSDS are "demystified" by the site which is free to use. The site gives information and instructions on how to use it and answers questions about uses for MSDS.
Energy and the Environment: Power Profiler

This site from the EPA provides an Energy Pollution Calculator which will help students and other interested persons calculate the greenhouse gases and other pollutants created from the energy they consume. The calculator determines users' power grid region based on ZIP code and electric utility, compares the fuel mix and air emissions rates of the electricity in users' region to the national...
Virtual Microscope

Virtual Microscope is a NASA-funded project "that provides simulated scientific instrumentation for students and researchers worldwide as part of NASA's Virtual Laboratory initiative." The software is free to download, and other features of the site include a place to download new specimen data, and comprehensive microscope training.
ESRI ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online provides ArcGIS users with a set of foundation services that are deeply integrated with ArcGIS. As an ArcGIS user, you have immediate access to map services, task services, software developer kits (SDKs), and other content via the Web. ArcGIS Online services are available as standard, no-cost services for internal and noncommercial external use. ArcGIS Online Sharing is a central...
DNR Garmin Application

This website from the Minnesota department of natural resources provides information on the Garmin DNR application. The purpose of the application, its functionality and screenshots are included. The site also includes links which may be used to download the program.
Welding School Locator

This page on the American Welding Society's website provides visitors with the opportunity to search for schools offering a welding program. Visitors can search by school name, city, US state, or country. When locating a school within the United States, an option is also provided to find schools within a certain radius of a location. Lastly, maps are provided that allow browsing for schools.
Roobrix: Convert a student rubric score to a percentage

This website is intended for educators and provides a method for converting any rubric score into a percentage. Users provide the basic information for how the rubric is scored and the site converts it into the appropriate percentage.
Molecular Workbench

Molecular Workbench (MW) is free, open-source software that works to improve the ability of all students to understand fundamental biological phenomena in terms of the interactions of atoms and molecules by enhancing biology courses with guided explorations of powerful atomic and molecular computational models. These models are embedded in an easily implemented database linked to both typical...
Food Industry MarketMaker

MarketMaker is a searchable map that will be helpful to members of the general public in locating farmer's markets, wineries, restaurants, fisheries, and more. The map is also useful for food industry workers as it was created by "a national partnership of land grant institutions and State Departments of Agriculture dedicated to the development of a comprehensive interactive database of food...
5 Ways to Make Your Model (Without a 3D Printer)

This page from Fab Lab: Digital Fabrication Learning Community offers guidance on using 123D Make, a software program that helps users without access to 3D printers to make 3D models. The 123D Make program 'slices' 3D models to allow them to be analyzed and constructed using flat materials like paper or cardboard. The page includes an explanatory PDF, a .zip containing the necessary program files,...
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