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Shodor Educational Foundation: A National Resource for Computational Science Education

There are many curriculum materials, professional development, and student enrichment activities available on this website. These resources are designed for teachers and students ranging from K-12 through higher education. Most resources are interactive and engage the students on many different levels; the website lists their mission statement for interactivity as: "the creation, collection,...
Make Your Own Catapult Out of PVC Piping

This video is provided by Make Magazine and demonstrates how to make a catapult out of PVC piping. "This weekend, get some PVC and build a human powered catapult. Bre Pettis joins forces with Bill Gurstelle, seige weapon builder extraordinaire!" The video runs 3:05 minutes in length.
Women in Technology Project: Building Tomorrow's STEM Workforce

This website, from the Maui Economic Development Board, provides resources to connect educators and industry partners to build Hawaii's STEM workforce and encourage girls to engage and feel welcome in the science, engineering, technology, and math fields. The website contains extensive information about resources and workshops available for girls in Hawaii and beyond.
Gender Differences in Confidence Levels, Group Interactions, and Feelings about Competition in an Introductory Robotics Course

This 8-page classroom evaluation, authored by Elissa Milto, Chris Rogers, and Merredith Portsmore of Tufts University, addresses gender differences between students in a college introduction to engineering class. As summarized in the abstract, "The aim of this classroom evaluation was to gain a better understanding of how each gender functions in an introductory robotics class, where LEGOs and...

The Design of an Instrument to Assess Problem Solving Activities in Technology Education

This paper, From Roger B. Hill, Assistant Professor of Occupational Studies at the University of Georgia, discusses problem solving in technology education, and his assessment of different problems solving procedures using a tool called Observation Procedure for Technology Education Mental Processes (OPTEMP). He starts the paper by discussing the popularity of modular engineering, then goes into...
Powers of Ten

"Powers of Ten", the film made by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977, takes the viewer from the core of an atom to the edge of the universe, moving 10 times further every 10 seconds. The film is about scale and how we view the universe and our place in it. Powers of Ten is an extremely valuable tool for teaching and understanding our world through the concept of scale. Although math is the most obvious...
Earth System Science in the Community

EarthComm (Earth System Science in the Community) is an Earth science curriculum designed for use by all students in U.S. high schools. This website contains resources for teachers, students, and parents, as well as information on the goals and learning approaches EarthComm uses. In addition to the general resources offered, state-based resources are also available.
Automotive Manufacturing Scholarships

This page from the Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM) provides some information about scholarships in automotive manufacturing. The highlighted scholarship is only open to Alabama residents, but the page provides links to other scholarship opportunities.
Why Manufacturing?

This web page from the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center for Manufacturing (FLATE) will help students and educators looking at domestic manufacturing. The page highlights products manufactured in the state of Florida including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, metals, plastics, electronic devices, and more. A video on the variety of items manufactured in the state of...
Made in Florida: Interviews

This web page from the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center for Manufacturing (FLATE) includes interviews with individuals working in manufacturing in the state of Florida. The companies they work for, their job specifics and the schooling and skills required for their careers are discussed.
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