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Though Sustainability for ATE projects and Centers involves many sources of support, including strong partnerships and institutional buy-in, revenue generation is still considered the brass ring for those seeking to expand their work widely. That said, the path from grant-funded initiative to revenue-generating entity is difficult and many struggle with this transition, in everything from understanding the needs of the market, to the organizational structured needed to support income generation. In this live webinar, we will be joined by Casey O’Brien, who as PI of the National CyberWatch Center has been able to identify ways sell access to the course materials they have developed, and continues to think about how to make what they do relevant for different types of customers.  Casey will share his experiences with us, including how to determine what the customer wants – and will pay for; the sorts of organizational and governance structures that are needed; and how best to get started.


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ATE Sustainability- Show me the Money- Is Revenue Generation possible for A.ics
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