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Building a Concept Module (1 day)
Building a Functional Story Map (½ day)
Building Lessons using ArcGIS Online (1 day)
Building Open Data using ArcGIS Online (1 day)
Business and Community Analyst (½ day)  
Collecting Field Data using Collector (½ day)
Collecting Field Data using Survey123 (½ day)                                             
Comparing Data Processes of Multiple Platforms (1 day)  
Introduction to GeoINT (½ day)                              
Modifications of the GeoTech Center Model Courses (½ day)             ​  ​    
​Part 107 Certification Program (1 day)
UAV Mission Planning and Design (½ day)     
Using ArcGIS Pro for Introductory Mapping Classes (2 days) 
Using ArcGIS Pro with UAV Data  (½ day)    ​
Using Geospatial Statistics (1 day)
Using LiDAR with ArcGIS Pro (1 day)       
Using the ArcGIS Online AppBuilder  (½ day)

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  • Information and Security Technologies
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