Join the organization to learn all about underwater robots or ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), and how ROVs are used to explore, research, and work in ocean waters. In this multi-day workshop, you will spend time aboard DISL's research vessels and see a research ROV in operation and talk with scientists who use ROVs in their research. You will build a fully functional PufferFish ROV from the circuit board up step by step and explore several relevant classroom activities that can get your students building, learning and developing skills. Given the complexity of the building task, the organization heartily suggests that teachers wanting to participate bring a partner teacher with them.

Cost: $100 registration fee, refundable upon completion of the workshop (workshop tuition, meals, and housing are FREE) Participants are required to purchase their own ROV kit (one per pair) prior to the workshop. 

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Technology in Marine Science- ROV Building.ics


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