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RCNET is partnering with the Decommissioning Strategy Forum for 3 days of professional development.  For years, RCNET and its partner colleges have focused on training nuclear technicians for commercial energy.  Now due to a breadth of reasons, colleges have had to adjust their nuclear programs to maintain enrollment.  This workshop will focus on three successful strategies and the accompanying RCNET resources to maintain and strengthen engineering technology programs (specifically nuclear programs):

1)  Broadening your nuclear energy program by expanding into similar nuclear environmental management and deconstruction and decommissioning fields.

2)  Broadening your nuclear energy program by expanding into similar energy fields such as substation, fossil generation, and alternative energy fields.

3) Outsourcing classes to accredited online programs.

In addition, this workshop will review some new RCNET resources to improve recruitment (of targeted demographics) and to improve teaching and learning (such as VR access to IRSC’s flow loop complete with human performance tasks).

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Decommissioning Task Force and RCNET are both co-locating their meetings directly after Exchange Monitor's Decommissioning Strategy Forum (  The Forum is a great event to understand activities and opportunities in the area and RCNET is happy to announce that Exchange Monitor has offered a reduced registration fee for our members.

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