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M-STEM provides hands-on sessions that bring together students, faculty, industry and business to strengthen understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles, especially relating to advancing materials science, and to enhancing a K-20 technology education integration. A unique feature of M-STEM is hands-on, interactive learning which presents information in a way that engages students and teachers.

M-STEM offers:

  • Focus on hands-on experiments, demonstrations and laboratories
  • Poster and oral presentation opportunities on application, research and education
  • Talk to current grant holders from NSF and DOE
  • Assistance to instructors in evaluation and course assessment methods
  • Networking opportunities with industry, faculty and students
  • Assistance with new materials technologies
  • Road maps and development methods of new materials and related courses
  • Direct means for introducing materials concepts into existing courses
  • Opportunity for peer-reviewed publication
  • Major topics for emerging industry
  • Workshop
ATE Area:
  • Engineering Technologies
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