For more than 25 years, the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program has awarded competitive grants, with an emphasis on two-year colleges, to test innovative ideas for improving STEM technician education in the advanced technology fields that are important to the nation’s economic health and security. Community colleges nationwide, in response to Covid-19, are challenged to develop strategies to successfully deliver hands-on content in an online environment such as through virtual labs, simulations, and augmented and virtual reality.  Join us to learn how ATE grants have been successfully used to create innovative curriculum, technologies, and authentic learning experiences in virtual environments; about the critical value of preparing students with STEM technical skills in a current- and post-pandemic economy; and what you need to do to apply for NSF ATE funding.

Jonathan Beck, Executive Director and PI, National Center for Autonomous Technologies, Northland Community and Technical College, MN
V. Celeste Carter, Lead ATE Program Director, National Science Foundation, VA 
Kevin Cooper, PI, RCNET and Dean of Advanced Technology, Indian River State College, FL
Michele Norgren, Director and PI, VESTA National Center, MO