From conception to end-of-the-line testing, the road to autonomy and electrification can quickly escalate into an uphill struggle if your engineering team doesn’t have effective and efficient development and testing methods in place.  Can you check off the following development tasks with confidence?

  • Are you simulating the environment (i.e. vehicles, road networks, dynamic objects, weather conditions, traffic flow, etc.) to take advantage of virtual test drives in the early development phase?
  • Are you effectively developing and testing sensor data for your autonomous systems?
  • Are you capturing, time-stamping, recording and playing back sensor data with precision?
  • Are you positioned to carry out AI training for deep neural networks?
  • Are you building a continuous integration process with MIL, SIL, and HIL testing to benefit from the scalability of cluster and cloud testing?
  • Are you using sensor-realistic simulation to validate sensor models by reproducing the behavior of the sensor along the signal path?
  • Are you performing over-the-air tests of radar sensors properly to evaluate detected echoes?
  • Are you complying with safety-critical software development process standards (i.e. ISO 26262, SOTIF)?


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