This hands-on tutorial will introduce users to the Gr-ResQ (‘graphene rescue’) platform. Gr-ResQ is (i) an open, crowd-sourced database of recipes and characterization of graphene synthesized by chemical vapor deposition, (ii) a set of analysis tools that enable users to analyze the database, and (iii) an online cyber-physical manufacturing network that provides access to distributed CVD reactors in the form of online transactions. The purpose of Gr-ResQ is to enable wide-scale sharing of data around CVD synthesis of graphene in order to advance community knowledge of the synthesis process. Gr-ResQ was developed in collaboration with the Materials Data Facility and with the Operating System for Cyberphysical Manufacturing. You may read more about Gr-ResQ here.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to access Gr-ResQ database and analysis tools on, learn how to search for and contribute recipes to the Gr-ResQ database, and be trained on the analysis tools available, including raman spectrum analysis and machine learning/deep learning based analysis of SEM images.

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CVD Synthesis of 2D Material Graphene and Automated Image Analysis - Sessio.ics