The Business & Industry Leadership Team Model (BILT)is an employer high-engagement model for college programs, projects, and grants that originated with the NSF National Convergence Technology Center (DUE 1700530) in the early 2000s. The model is widely used to deepen employer involvement in educational programs producing such benefits as a curriculum better-aligned to meet employer needs, increased support for recruitment of students, and others. The two webinars on March 16 and 24 together will provide high-level coverage of the many specifics that make the model work.  The origins of the BILT will be explained to set the context; key details ranging from employer recruitment to using a structured, repeatable process for the employers to prioritize the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities desired in the “workforce-ready” graduates in the future will be explained; model variants for colleges, NSF ATE projects, and NSF ATE Centers will be discussed; resources will be identified, and questions will be answered. Participants who attend both sessions will receive a certificate of completion from MNT-EC.

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Business Industry Leadership Team (BILT) - Part B.ics