In this Paper Development Workshop, you will have an opportunity to work with members of the Cybersecurity Skills Journal Editorial Board and Peer Review Panel members in virtual breakout rooms during which prospective authors may present an idea for, or draft of, a manuscript reporting evidence-based practices, theoretical frameworks, or case studies of skilled application or instruction of cybersecurity tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). The workshop's focuses for this year's PDW sessions is developing manuscripts for publication in the 2021 Special Issue on Diversifying the Cybersecurity Workforce.

The purpose of the PDW is two-fold. First, PDW aims to provide participants insights into the actionable steps they should take to make their research more relevant for cybersecurity practitioners, instructors, and/or researchers. Second, PDW provides practitioner and scholar authors with developmental feedback on their current projects related to advancing the assessment, development, or implementation of cybersecurity skills. The purpose of the PDW is broader, namely to improve the quality of cybersecurity research, to help develop and disseminate effective practices, and to bring practitioners and scholars into the conversation around skilled performance in cybersecurity.

When you register for the session, if you have not already done so, PDW asks that you submit a structured abstract describing your research. For information on the elements of a structured abstract please access the Cybersecurity Skills Journal web page at:

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