The atomic force microscope (AFM) is a versatile characterization tool that allows users to acquire high-resolution images of nanoscale surface features. In addition to probing nanoscale surface topography, AFMs can be used to print nanoscale structures using additive and subtractive lithographic techniques. Specialized AFM imaging modes are often required to view nanostructures fabricated using AFM lithography. This talk will provide an overview of AFM lithographic techniques including dip pen nanolithography (DPN), nanoshaving, and electrochemical techniques. This talk will also include a description of specialized AFM imaging modes used to characterize nanostructures printed with AFM. The specialized AFM modes in this talk will include lateral force microscopy (LFM) and phase imaging. A remote-access demonstration of AFM lithography and phase imaging will follow.

AFM lithography demonstration using contact probe to etch area of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) from the glass substrate. After the initial area has been etched, a tapping probe will be used to image an expanded area in-phase mode, which will show differences in surface stiffness/softness between the PVP and the glass substrate.