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Registrations and presentations, posters, paper proposals are all accepted. Make sure you sign up on the homepage to be added to the distribution list.

Papers will be considered for publication in the MNT-EC Journal. You can submit for one, two, or all three submission types.

All accepted submissions will require a 2-5min Lightening Round style video giving the highlights of your talk/paper/poster prior to the conference. Specifics will be provided.

Accepted Abstracts can be extended to 1-2 page article that will be considered for publication at The Journal of Micro Nanotechnology Education special issue: MNTeSIG Live! 2021 Conference Proceedings.

Presentations are to be pre-recorded and will be put on a YouTube channel after the conference. Presentation videos will be due at least two weeks before the conference; they can be up to 50min long.

Papers will be posted on the MNTeSIG Website and reviewed/considered for publication in the MNT-EC Journal. Papers are due at least two weeks before the conference.

Posters will be displayed in the virtual poster networking session and posted on the MNTeSIG website. You will be able to interact with conference participants in a virtual space - training will be provided prior to the conference.

Feel free to submit multiple abstracts for different topics, lead authors can submit for multiple authors.

You will be notified as to the lead author as to whether or not your abstract is accepted and will be required to submit additional details at that time.

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