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As batteries for electric vehicles become smaller and more performant, they also produce more heat which must be dissipated safely. With a myriad of companies developing best-in-class thermal interface materials that combine high thermal conductivity and low viscosity with the ability to maintain insulating properties, OEM interest in thermal management is burgeoning to new levels. The Global EV Advanced Materials & Thermal Management 2021, will take place online, focusing on real application case studies to optimize cost efficiency, driving range, battery health, and vehicle performance.

Examine the latest OEM and Technology perspectives on:

  • Strategies For Fully Integrating Thermal Management Systems In EV Platforms
  • Advanced Thermal Interface Materials to Protect EV Batteries/Battery Cells
  • Thermal Management for Solid-State & Beyond Li-Ion Batteries
  • Limit Thermal Runaway Events: Materials & Advance Cooling Systems
  • Manage the Impact of Ultra-Rapid Charging on Thermal Management of Battery Pack
  • Optimizing EV Battery Pack Safety and Reliability with Thermal Management and Sealing
  • Next-Generation Materials for Packaging the Battery & TMS
  • Powertrain Thermal Management
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