Through a series of workshops titled "Reimagining Innovation in STEM Education" (RISE), presenters will bring together practitioners from various public and private institutions including institutions of secondary and higher education, industrial and academic research organizations, social justice organizations, government agencies, tech companies and startups, along with current students to focus on a convergence approach in discussing and addressing four areas:  

  • Support for advancement of underrepresented groups in STEM to pursue and obtain post-secondary degrees and careers in high-demand tech fields like artificial intelligence (AI), quantum technology, cloud technology, cybersecurity, biotechnology, etc.
  • Social and human good research foundations to explore how research topics, such as the use of technology for social or human good, might ignite the interest of students from underrepresented groups by associating the application of technology with issues they care about.
  • Technology supported education to identify how advanced technology areas like AI can be used to shape new models of education, evaluate and potentially course correct traditional education models and make connections from initial technology entry points (e.g., social/human good contexts) to application of the expertise to other technology challenges. Also, identify learning modules to address particular tech education gaps and help bridge the educational, aspirational and financial gaps caused and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Data trust development to capture details on student demographics, educational pursuits, participation in specific programs to support their advancement, and the resulting student educational and career outcomes. Also, recommend specific internship or research opportunities based on student skills and interests, or conversely, help hiring organizations identify candidates from underrepresented groups with appropriate skills.

Workshop dates: May 25, May 27, June 3, and June 8, 2021

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