Educators at all levels desire for their students to succeed. For Community College educators teaching technical education course success is often defined as “graduates getting jobs”. Achievement of this goal is often tied to having a direct correlation between the student outcomes from the courses in the program and the industry requirements for new hires at a technician level. Industry participation in CC technical education programs is critical to ensure this correlation and also provide students with insight into the career environment and the myriad of opportunities available.

This workshop will focus on a three-step process that educators can follow to prepare them to:

  1. successfully execute the initial contact with industry
  2. be prepared for a “face to face” meeting with an industry person and
  3. invite participation of the industry/company as a supporting participant in the technician program.

During the workshop the participants will walk through the process for their particular technical education program and industry segment. Workshop results will be a checklist of items to complete and various suggestions as well as the first draft of the content that will go on a “blank sheet of paper”.

Presenter: Deb Newberry