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The focus of the codeathon is creating publicly available resources that make it easy for scientists to compare sequence search methods across a standardized set of benchmarks and datasets. This event is part of a series bringing together a diverse group (biologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers) of collaborators to develop and test new approaches for sequence search. Codethon projects will lay the groundwork for future events focused on methods development.

Throughout the online, interactive codeathon, participants will:

  • Have access to Zoom meetings and team breakout rooms for collaboration and access to experts from the NIH and DOE.
  • Participate in a dedicated Slack channel to source assistance and collaboration.
  • Hear from topic experts about Petabyte-Scale Sequence Search.
  • Work together to solve biological problems and create computational tools.

At the end of the codeathon event, teams will have authorship over their projects, which can be submitted for publication, presented at conferences, or hosted online for public access.

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August 20th, 2021
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  • Engineering Technologies
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