In this 60-minute Webinar, an automotive testing expert will explain what is needed to test a battery in addition to cycling. Wiring and fluid testing, for example, can be done separately or in combination with charging and discharging. The expert will also walk you through the latest testing requirements, procedures, and best practices in areas of battery testing you may not have considered.

These include:

  • Multi-axis simulation testing, real-time durability / road load data acquisition (RLDA)
  • Cooling systems, thermal management, pressure
  • Enclosure testing: dust, spray, and chamber work
  • Environmental testing: salt spray, humidity, and chamber work such as thermal shock, high temperature and humidity, and more

The presentation offers a comprehensive view of today’s requirements in battery testing as well as how it interacts with testing routines across the vehicle.

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  • Engineering Technologies
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Beyond Battery Cycling- Testing Batteries in the Automotive Industry.ics