As development of automated driving system (ADS)-operated vehicles (AVs) progresses, it’s essential for operational safety to be quantified with well-defined metrics. An established set of operational safety assessment (OSA) metrics is needed as a starting point to quantify the level of risk associated with AVs on the road. An important SAE standard (Recommended Practice J3237) currently under development is intended for this purpose, providing a set of OSA metrics for industry to use as part of the quantification of operational safety competency.
This 60-minute Webinar focuses on the need for OSA metrics for AVs, starting with an introduction to the SAE J3237 document as well as how its included metrics will fit into an overall OSA methodology and safety case framework. This will be followed by a panel discussion on various aspects of OSA metrics, including the test methodology to emulate real-world driving scenes in the lab to verify the ADS and minimize driving test risks.
An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.

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Operational Safety Assessment Metrics for Automated Driving System-Operated.ics