This 60-minute webinar will examine advancements in processing thin, laminated stator and rotor stacks and take a detailed look at examples of power-dense and high-efficiency motors that use high-performance, soft magnetic alloys. Topics include:

  • How using high-induction, high-permeability, and low-loss soft magnetic stator and rotor materials can increase the torque and power density of the motor in combination with improved efficiency current approach and consequences. 
  • Various options for realizing the torque and power benefits by about 15-35% using these high-performance material solutions versus present technology.   
  • How these high-performance motors can result in improved electric vehicle performance such as higher acceleration, improved range, higher payload capacity, and increased space.  

A Q&A session will follow the technical presentation.

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  • Engineering Technologies
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EV Motor Improvements with Torque-Dense Materials and Advanced Powertrain T.ics