Nanotechnology is called the “Next Industrial Revolution”. Biotechnology is called as “The Science of the Millennium”. When these two powerful disciplines blend into nanobiotechnology, one can only imagine the scope and opportunities that emerge. The industry has recognized the potential of this field and is already contributing several commercialized products generated using Nanobiotechnology. People use these products in their daily life, without realizing the nanobiotechnology connection. Despite the need, there is a severe deficiency of a nanobiotechnology trained workforce, and it is a matter of great concern. The origin for this concern lies in lack of awareness about the skills, education paths, and career options for nanobiotechnology in the K-12, as well as post-secondary education. Compounding the problem is the wide-spread myth that teaching nanotechnology is not possible without expensive instrumentation.

This webinar addresses this important matter. Dr. Pattarkine will share some strategies that enable low-cost, hands-on nanobiotechnology activities and projects that have been developed as a part of the workforce leadership activities undertaken through Capital Area Biotechnology Partnership (CABP) by the biotechnology program at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (Harrisburg, PA).

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