A workshop for Secondary and Post Secondary Educators new to Mechatronics and Smart Manufacturing

This hands-on workshop will introduce faculty, administrators, and counselors to an entry level Mechatronics course (Concepts of Electronics) taught to high school students at a distance in Nebraska and Minnesota. It is the first of 4 courses being designed to deliver to high school students. Attendees will learn best practices for delivering technical coursework online, assemble a trainer, and perform lab exercises designed for high school or college students.

All participants will take their finished trainer (valued over $300) home and be asked to create a lab with the trainer to share with other workshop attendees and the NCNGM and iMEC communities. A parts list and related curriculum will also be made available.

Teams from high schools and state/community colleges are encouraged to attend.

The workshop is FREE, lunch will be provided, and attendees will take their trainer home to use in their own classrooms.


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