Go beyond focusing solely on presenting yourself as the optimal candidate and utilize the interview to determine if an internship/job opportunity is a “Good Fit” for you! In this workshop you’ll gain strategies to clarify your career and educational goals and frame questions to obtain accurate information to assess if a workplace will support those goals, while also learning to recognize potential misalignments. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Define what a ‘bad fit' or 'toxic work environment’ is 
  • Outline and clarify your own goals before the interview 
  • Use questions during an interview to determine whether a workplace is in alignment with your goals and values 
  • Articulate strategies and practice language to frame questions 
  • Describe examples of verbal and non-verbal red flags indicating the opportunity may not be a “Good Fit” 
  • Describe factors that can make it difficult to recognize and weigh the potential impact of red flags during and after an interview