There is no one vacuum pump technology that can work from atmosphere down to high vacuum (pressures in the range of 10-6 Torr) and below. The achievement of low pressures in research or industrial vacuum systems requires a well-engineered combination of pumping technologies. The mechanisms to pump gases at high molecular densities are quite different from the techniques needed to move molecules once their numbers are substantially reduced. This webinar will discuss some of the measures required to achieve high vacuum and review the range of tools designed specifically to get to a low base pressure. Simple modeling will be introduced which will illustrate critical pressure ranges during pump down and system-specific characteristics that must be considered when determining pump down time and base pressures. The course will include details on the operating principles of rotary vane and dry scroll pumps, as well as turbomolecular, cryopumps, and oil-based diffusion pumps required to reach high vacuum.

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