Symposia is the plural form of symposium. 3CS includes a symposium in each of the five areas below:

  • Community College Cyber Summit: Presentation sessions in classrooms with support for hybrid sessions about practice improvements for cybersecurity education Included with General Admission.
  • Cybersecurity Science and Practice Symposium: Presentation sessions in classrooms with support for hybrid sessions about evidence-based professional and educational cybersecurity practices -- the human factors of cybersecurity. Included with General Admission.
  • Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Symposium: Cybersecurity skill development workshops in computer labs. Additional cost to attend.
  • Cyber Technology and Careers Symposium: Open spaces supporting an exhibit hall with demonstration sessions and a career fair - combining a job fair and a talent fair.  Included with General Admission, but can be purchased separately.
  • Cyber Games, Simulations, and Competition Symposium: Individual and team-based interactive challenges and opportunity for hands-on experience with or observation of demonstrations of skills in the Cyber Ready Arcade, the regional final of the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MACCDC), and the new Community College Collegiate Defense Competition (3CDC) Included with General Admission.

These five symposia provide the opportunity to learn, experience, and discuss the latest tools, techniques, and technologies for Teaching, Practicing, Demonstrating, and Showcasing Cybersecurity Capabilities.

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  • Information and Security Technologies
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