This session will review and provide an opportunity to try out formative credentialing assessments that are part of the upcoming CyberWatch Microcredentials for Secure Computing. The BAR acronym stands for Behaviorally Anchored Rating. Much evidence shows that when BAR scales, based on the tasks that must be performed to excel in a career position, are used to evaluate capability maturity, the results are less biased and more accurate predictors of future job performance. The previous Raise the BAR assessments have been used by companies, such as IBM, to identify the most qualified candidates for open positions. This year's program will also include the Core Concept Readiness Inventories which assess your stock of knowledge in four fundamental domains of information security: 

  1. C-I-A Triad
  2. Controls, Threats & Attacks
  3. Cryptography
  4. Security Testing, Engineering, and Operations

The Information Security Fundamentals Readiness Assessment will provide a proficiency profile and opportunity to earn badges in recognition for demonstration of conceptual understanding of the prerequisite knowledge for a career in information security and readiness to fully benefit from an information security fundamentals course. The  Information Security Fundamentals Readiness Assessment is therefore ideal for a student who is in the beginning or middle of their educational program but can be of value to any student who wishes to demonstrate to prospective employers that they possess the knowledge required to apply information security concepts in information technology and networking job roles that are the feeders into cybersecurity specialist jobs. The complete Information Security Readiness Assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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Raise the BAR Mastery Badge Program- A Formative Credentialing of Cybersecu.ics