Successfully diversifying STEM education requires a deep understanding of the lived experiences of underrepresented students as they navigate systems that were often not created with them in mind. Numbers only tell part of the story of the challenges these students face while pursuing higher education and thus hold a limited understanding of the solution to diversifying STEM education.

This webinar focuses on how inclusive qualitative data gathering methods can honor the complexity of the challenges in diversifying the STEM workforce. Webinar participants will better understand the power that qualitative insights hold in identifying challenges in access to quality education, patterns in utilization of services, and potential solutions that students self-formulate to navigate educational environments. These insights can then be harnessed to create more equitable learning environments where underrepresented students can thrive. Participants will learn to identify opportunities when qualitative evaluation can be advantageous in promoting the success of underrepresented students in STEM education.

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Transforming STEM Education- Unleashing Qualitative Insights for Inclusive .ics