Five symposia provide the opportunity to learn, experience, and discuss the latest tools, techniques, and technologies for Teaching, Practicing, Demonstrating, and Showcasing Cybersecurity Capabilities.

3CS includes a symposium in each of the five areas below.

  • Community College Cyber Summit: The granddaddy and foundation of the 3CS program that has welcomed those interested in experiential cybersecurity education for over a decade. Presentation sessions in classrooms with support for hybrid sessions about practice improvements for cybersecurity education Included with General Admission.
  • Cybersecurity Science and Practice Symposium: Poster and classroom presentation sessions with support for hybrid attendance about evidence-based professional and instructional cybersecurity practices -- the human factors of cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Symposium: Cybersecurity skill development workshops on specialized topics not typically taught in higher education courses but required to develop the skills needed to advance in the cybersecurity profession.
  • Cyber Technology and Careers Symposium: Open spaces supporting an exhibit hall with demonstration sessions and a career fair - combining a job fair and a talent fair. 
  • Cyber Games, Simulations, and Competition Symposium: Individual and team-based interactive challenges and opportunities for hands-on experience with or observation of demonstrations of skills in the Cyber Ready Arcade, including the new Community College Collegiate Defense Competition (3CDC) 
  • Summit
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  • Information and Security Technologies
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