To establish a successful working relationship with your mentor-manager, it's important to assess and understand key factors including their priorities, goals and workstyles as well as your own. In this interactive session, presents will discuss best practices using real-life examples and explore how good intentions without proactive communication strategies can lead to misunderstandings in the workplace. You will learn what to pay attention to from the start, tangible actions you should take, and how to measure the success of your working relationship with your mentor-manager in order to set yourself up for success.

Workshop participants will come away with strategies to:

  • Clarify and assess you and your mentor-manager’s goals, priorities, and values.
  • Assess your workstyle and that of your mentor-manager (and other colleagues)
  • Scope your situation: Utilize an investigative (proactive) approach to assess the 4 key factors in your workplace: the work, your boss, the team, and the organization
  • Webinar
ATE Area:
  • Bio and Chemical Technologies
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