Meeting or exceeding expectations is a defining metric of success in the workplace. There are multitudes of expectations, many of which often go unsaid. How do you clarify what is expected of you and obtain regular actionable feedback so that you can progress steadily towards those expectations? In this session presenters will outline tools you can use to define the many expectations inherent in any work situation, assess for gaps in your knowledge and build the language to ask for and obtain the information and feedback you need to succeed.

Workshop participants will come away with tools to:

  • Assess what expectations have been made clear, and which still need further clarity.
  • Identify gaps in expectations, how you’ll be evaluated, assessed and trained.
  • Language to obtain expectation clarity and actionable feedback.
  • Proactively manage-up to promote actions that support your success
  • Webinar
ATE Area:
  • Bio and Chemical Technologies
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