(3 days)

The GeoTech Center will host an in-person GeoEd'24 conference in Louisville, KY, from June 11 to 13. There is no cost to attend GeoEd'24, but you do need to register.

Sessions include:

Day 1

Working with Arcade in ArcGIS Pro, Map Viewer, and Dashboards
Drones: What You Need to Know to Get Started
Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro
From Data Collection to a Dashboard to a Story Map, Part 1
Demographic Analysis
From Data Collection to a Dashboard to a Story Map, Part 2
Resources from the GeoTech Center to Support Your Program

Day 2

Introduction to Python & Notebooks
Exploring the Lewis & Clark Expedition with GIS
GIS & Artificial Intelligence
Using Geospatial Apps in the Classroom
National Geographic Map Maker & Using the Atlas Instant App to Create Map Collections
Incorporating Ethics into Geospatial Courses and Programs
Mapping the Underground Railroad

Day 3

Python, Part 2 Advanced Python and AI
Working with ArcGIS Dashboard
Working with Imagery in ArcGIS Pro
Open Street Map/Java Open Street Map
Exploring Climate Change Topics
Understanding Standard Occupation Codes (SOC)
360 Images/Video & Virtual Reality in GIS
Campus Mapping, (Scott Sires, Dallas College)

In addition to the workshops listed, there will be programs during lunch and in the afternoon. There will be stipends available for educators. 

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