The surge in cloud computing, notably Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been significant. Understanding and utilizing these services have become crucial for educators, particularly in teaching information technology and cybersecurity programs. The "AWS Cloud Essentials" course is tailored specifically for community college educators, offering a comprehensive toolkit to harness the potential of cloud computing within the educational sphere. Through engaging lab activities, participants will immerse themselves in the core concepts of AWS, gaining a profound comprehension of cloud computing principles, services, and best practices. This course covers a spectrum of topics, from storage solutions to computational resources, equipping educators with the tools to seamlessly integrate cloud technology into their curriculum, courses, and teaching methodologies and fostering innovation and collaborative learning environments for students.

Throughout the course, participants will actively participate in hands-on exercises, collaborative team projects, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies facilitated by seasoned instructors with expertise in education and cloud computing. Community college educators will emerge equipped with the confidence and competence to leverage AWS cloud services effectively, enriching student learning and equipping them with the skills necessary for success in an increasingly digital world.  

This workshop is funded and tailored specifically for community and technical college faculty members wishing to expand their knowledge, earn an industry certification, and strengthen their ability to incorporate new cybersecurity content in their community college curriculum. This workshop is not intended for students or other non-faculty participants.

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