ATE Events — December 2019


The implementation of a variety of assistive technology tools is becoming a more frequently used method of providing accommodations for students. However, challenges around getting students to engage with, buy-into, and have sustained use of these tools is frequently discussed and asked about. During this webinar, differing levels of student technology engagement will be discussed, as well as ideas and strategies to help students understand and embrace the positive ways technology can support them in their academics.

Are you doing an ATE project in which you train teachers on content, with the expectation that they will teach it in their classrooms Have you and your evaluator been wondering how you can learn about the impact of your project? Need help to get that done? Then the FAS4ATE2 project may be for you!

Learn about how this project can help you improve your ability to document impacts across your professional development project at the recruitment webinar. The FAS4ATE2 team will discuss the project and its benefits to participants, including tailored resources and training with international experts.

Places in the project are limited, so come along to the webinar, get your questions answered, and learn how to apply!  

South Campus, P Building, Expo Center14500 E. 12 Mile RoadWarrenMI48088

Connect with Industry Insiders:

  • Discover the career path that is right for you
  • Hear from recent grads who found good-paying career employment
  • Meet local businesses and learn who employers are hiring
  • Learn about job skills that are in high demand
  • Learn about apprenticeship programs including the Michigan Apprenticeship Program Plus (MAP+)

Trade Talks

  • Industry of the Future
  • Getting into an Apprenticeship
  • Career Options and Outlook

(2 days)

Bond Center, Darr Agriculture Campus2401 South Kansas ExpresswaySpringfieldMO65807

This workshop will benefit winemakers, cellar workers, winery staff, and wine enthusiasts who seek a deeper understanding of these topics and their impact on a winery’s success. In addition, workshop attendees will be guided through sensory test methods to access perceived differences and preferences in wine.

Topics include: Welcome and Introduction to Tasting, White Sensory Standards, Red Sensory Standards, and Evaluating Palate Attributes: Alcohol, Acid, and Tannin Wine Defects, Descriptive Wine Analysis of White Wines, Descriptive Analysis of Red Wines, Laboratory Investigating, Wine Competition Methodology and Professional Wine Rating Systems. A certificate will be awarded after the completion of this workshop.

Biotech students at Los Angeles Mission College will be presenting their projects as posters at this event.

Employers demand strong employability skills, and their demand for these skills is increasing. Many technician educators find it challenging to engage in developing these skills. Join presenters as they discuss some tools and techniques that their research has identified. 

Participants will receive a downloadable handbook with tools and techniques for educators and employers called Working Stronger, Working Smarter. 

Impact evaluation can be a powerful way to assess the long-term or broader effects of a project. Attention to causal inference, which attributes change to the project and its activities, sets impact evaluation apart from other types of evaluation. Impact evaluation can support deeper learning and direction for project scaling and future sustainability.

This webinar is an introduction to impact evaluation and how it can be realistically implemented in ATE projects. ATE principal investigators, project and center staff, and evaluators who attend this webinar will learn:

  • the basic tenets of impact evaluation,
  • strategies for determining causal attribution, and
  • the resources needed to implement impact evaluation for your project