ATE Events — October 2020

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(9 days)


National Drive Electric Week is a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce the dependence on foreign oil. Are you considering going electric? Come talk to owners who have successfully done so!

Each year, National Drive Electric Week includes hundreds of events in communities across the United States and around the world. This year, the 10th annual National Drive Electric Week will be adding online events for the first time, including the NDEW Kick-Off Event event on Sep 24, 2020.

MNT-EC is holding a Summer Seminar Series every Wednesday, August thru November. Each seminar will feature one of the MNT-EC's very own members who will talk about their summer of 2021 professional development opportunities. Opportunities include writing groups, clean room labs, nano safety and other exciting hands on activities. 

Matt Pleil will be talking about his 2021 MEMS workshop and the upcoming UGR opportunities at the University of New Mexico.

AACC will host an ATE Virtual Conference Orientation Webinar designed for all conference attendees. The webinar will provide an orientation to the 2020 Virtual ATE Conference, and an overview of the agenda, the virtual platform, and ways to network and maximize engagement in a virtual setting. Participants are encouraged to attend the live event, if possible. The webinar will also be recorded.

Industry 4.0 Workforce Summit is moving online. This industry-wide web series is designed to prepare engineering and technology students for The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The goal is to reach a consensus on improvements to curricula, work-based experiences, policies, and practices.

Automation and smart technology are changing the way people learn and work. Many engineering tracks are struggling to produce high-quality graduates with Industry 4.0 skills. The lack of qualified talent is impacting the technical and manufacturing workforce from the shop floor to the C-Suite. Your expertise and educated opinions can help us fix the problem.

MNT-EC is holding a Summer Seminar Series every Wednesday, August thru November. Each seminar will feature one of the MNT-EC's very own members who will talk about their summer of 2021 professional development opportunities. Opportunities include writing groups, clean room labs, nano safety and other exciting hands on activities. 

Dr. Peter D. Kazarinoff, co-PI of the MNT-EC (Micro Nano Technician Education Center), presents resources from the Pacific Northwest region for community college faculty interested in micro/nano technician education. Dr. Kazarinoff previews the upcoming peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the MNT-EC and the upcoming podcast from the MNT-EC detailing stories from working technicians.

Are you interested in how things are made? Would you like to help students use entrepreneurial thinking to change harmful processes and practices? Then you will enjoy this workshop, where FLATE celebrates Manufacturing Month by discussing ways in which old business practices are being transformed into new sustainable models that consider the health of our earth.

Dr. Marilyn Barger, Professional Environmental Engineer, Director of the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center and USF Stavros Center Advocacy Board member, will surprise you with the vast amount of goods that are produced in Florida. In addition, Dr. Deborah Kozdras will share resources from her current experiences at the Green Biz Circular Economy Conference and World Economic Forum, which discuss exciting ways in which global businesses, governments, and NGOs are transforming old industrial practices into new ways of thinking and designing. During the session, Deborah and Marilyn will present new case study lesson activities, which illustrate how Florida businesses and industries are tackling problems. In addition, these lessons will include a Rethink Tank activity, where students can use design thinking to envision solutions to the problems that still exist. 

The NCPN conference is one of the best professional development opportunities available offering motivational keynotes, keynote speakers, time relevant panels, cutting edge featured speakers and other timely information for professionals in Career Pathways, CTE, and workforce and economic development.

Instructors: Jon Beck, Chris Hadfield, Zackary Nicklin, Ben Richason, Jill Zande, National Center for Autonomous Technologies

This workshop is designed to deliver a primer on the sensor technologies that are impacting the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and marine autonomous technologies industries. Educators from these disciplines face many challenges from the rapid integration and prohibitive financial nature of these technologies. Jobs of the future will require a foundational level of knowledge of these sensors. Through hands-on experience and discussion, we will cover industry trends and the future impact of advanced technology integration resulting from autonomous technologies. Attendees will be prepared to use this technology in their classroom using portable, cost efficient experimentation and exercises.

Military veterans transitioning from service to community college bring experiences that can be incredible assets to a classroom along with others that can be barriers to success. Hearing loss, a commonly overlooked disability in the veteran population, is often one of these barriers. The presenters will discuss findings of focus groups conducted with student veterans with hearing loss that provide insight to the unique educational needs of these students and best practices for their success in the STEM classroom and how they can be applied in the online setting.

(3 days)

University of Delaware, Clayton Hall100 David Hollowell DrNewarkDE19716United States

The Mid-Atlantic ESA annual meeting brings together students, researchers, teachers and practitioners from the Mid–Atlantic region and beyond. The theme of the meeting is the ecology of the BosWash Megalopolis. The meeting offers an excellent opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate ecology students to present their research in all ecology-related topics. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and professionals are all welcome.

If you have registered for the meeting: Contact Danielle Slatkin at to request a refund or to express that you wish to have your registration continue for the rescheduled meeting in October.

If you submitted an abstract for the meeting: Contact Vince D’Amico at to request it be withdrawn or to carry forward for the rescheduled meeting in October.

The 27th National Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Conference is going virtual!  The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), with the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF), will host the 2020 ATE Conference on October 19-23.

This year’s event theme ATE 2020: Resilience and New Frontiers, will focus on the critical value of preparing students with STEM technical and employability skills—and the vital role community colleges and the ATE program play in preparing a highly-skilled U.S. workforce in a current- and post-pandemic economy. ATE projects and centers nationwide, in response to Covid-19, are challenged to develop strategies to successfully deliver hands-on content in an online environment such as through virtual labs, simulations, and augmented and virtual reality. The 2020 Virtual ATE Conference will include a special focus on how the ATE community has created innovative curriculum, technologies, and authentic learning experiences in virtual environments and how their resiliency, flexibility, and leadership is both addressing and shaping the current and future needs of STEM technician education.

MNT-EC is holding a Summer Seminar Series every Wednesday, August thru November. Each seminar will feature one of the MNT-EC's very own members who will talk about their summer of 2021 professional development opportunities. Opportunities include writing groups, clean room labs, nano safety and other exciting hands on activities. 

Paul Webster, PhD: Oak Crest Institute of Science, Monrovia, CA, will talk about how basic science, community outreach, and student training can be carried out in a small non-profit organization. The Oak Crest Institute of Science is a scientist run institute in Southern California where faculty use their research projects as a platform to teach laboratory skills to high school and community college students. The presentation will provide an overview of the diverse projects being carried out by this small organization and highlight some of the resources open to this community.

Living Room Learning offers hands-on virtually guided activities for youth. Each session focuses on a new activity that can be done with materials found at home. Living Room Learning activities are perfect for youth in 3rd-5th grades. Each session will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing. Youth do not need to be 4-H members to participate.

This session will focus on the physics of medieval tools. This activity uses principles of physics and engineering to build a simple min-trebuchet and a simple catapult for comparison of their mechanics!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's Life Discovery - Doing Science Education Conference will now be a virtual event with a more limited focus on:

  • The timely experiences and insights gained from teaching ecology and evolution online this Spring/Summer
  • The education innovation building on ESA’s recently endorsed Four-Dimensional Ecology Education Framework (4DEE).

Minnesota is preparing for connected and automated vehicles by observing trends and advancements in vehicle automation, connected vehicle technology, and other emerging trends. MnDOT’s Connected and Automated Vehicle Office (CAV-X) is the convening office for the state’s connected and automated vehicle transportation technology engagement, policy, testing and partnerships.

The 10 midwestern states that make up the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO) welcome transportation professionals, state DOT staff, industry, researchers and other transportation mobility advocates to join MnDOT at the first annual regional summit to hear from national leaders and develop a 10-year regional strategy.

Goal: Develop a regional MAASTO CAV strategy to identify the region as a leader in CAV | Day 1 – Providing Context and Setting the Scene for a Regional Strateg


The four-week virtual conference series will bring together thought leaders from industry, government, academia, and non-profit organizations to explore issues in cybersecurity education and workforce development. This event provides an opportunity to share best practices from around the world and across sectors in order to build the workforce we need to confront cybersecurity risks today and in years to come.

The conference series will take place one day per week during a four-week period. Each week will be dedicated to a different sub-theme.

Tuesday, October 27 | 12 – 6 PM EST: Growing and Sustaining the NICE Community
Thursday, November 5 | 12 – 6 PM EST: Transforming the Learning Ecosystem
Monday, November 9 | 12 – 6 PM EST: Career Discovery
Monday, November 16 | 12 – 4:45 PM EST: The Future Cybersecurity Workforce

A portion of this year’s registration will also be used to allow students to attend the conference at no cost.

There is a significant need for skilled employees in the manufacturing industry in Florida. This webinar will showcase employU’s new manufacturing talent pipeline development program that offers the opportunity for businesses to explore the untapped talent pool of people with disabilities. Manufacturers will also learn about the ABLE Network, a B2B/peer-to-peer program for business leaders committed to diversity and inclusion. The network supports businesses that want to educate, empower, and employ Floridians with disabilities, and fosters business-to-business learning and best practices.

As the focus of education continues to shift online, educators seek to create impactful and engaging ways to capture a learner’s attention and focus on their learning needs.

This webinar will focus on how to address the challenges associated with online learning and highlight key components to creating effective e-learning strategies.

(2 days)


The UAS Summit & Expo started as a small gathering of regional stakeholders. Now, 14 years later, the event in the Northern Plains of North Dakota has become a yearly major event for UAS experts from around the world. 

Top Reasons to Attend the UAS Summit & Expo in 2020
This event has a history of uniting the best UAV minds in the industry in a single venue for an informational and content-charged two-day period.

  • Focused, technical presentations and special events designed to describe the latest technology offerings, software packages, business models and regulatory updates on the UAS industry
  • Exclusive conference social media site, where you can connect with your colleagues before, during and after the event
  • Industry specific tours
  • Exhibiting companies showcasing the latest technologies, new product launches and valuable industry services

MNT-EC is holding a Summer Seminar Series every Wednesday, August thru November. Each seminar will feature one of the MNT-EC's very own members who will talk about their summer of 2021 professional development opportunities. Opportunities include writing groups, clean room labs, nano safety and other exciting hands on activities. 

Many community colleges are familiar with recruiting veterans for admission into degree programs, but have you considered working with active duty military that are preparing to transition into the workforce? During the last 18-24 months of service, military service members are working with their Transition Assistance Programs on base to find civilian careers. How can your school attract them to micro-nano programs? Kate Alcott, MNT-EC's Veteran Liaison will help you examine this potential market and navigate the process.

The Utah Informatics Initiative (UI2) is hosting a half-day symposium dedicated to the intersection of digital technologies and the public interest. In the past few years, there has been an increased interest in Public Interest Technology (PIT). This new term, coined by the Ford Foundation and New America, refers to the study and application of technical expertise to advance the public interest in a way that generates public benefits and promotes the public good, particularly for those members of our society who have not been well served historically and today by existing systems and policies.

Technology has been instrumental in providing innovative approaches and solutions to aid global public health researchers. These solutions have helped streamline data capture methods, automate processes, and provide mechanisms to solve public health challenges globally. In some cases, these solutions and products can empower individuals to manage and supplement their own health care. With the introduction of technology tools, there is a need to ensure that public health researchers are aware of the cybersecurity risks they may be introducing. This webcast will provide a background into the topic of digital health, mHealth, and eHealth approaches and provide an approachable, simple toolbox that can be utilized to ensure that situational cybersecurity awareness is tackled as a matter of practice.

Presenter: Stan Mierzwa, M.S., CISSP, Director and Lecturer, Center for Cybersecurity, Kean University