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ATE Events — July 2021


The ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE) is driven by, for, and with the community. Attendees gather to learn best practices and classroom strategies, hear biology education research updates and meet new colleagues who teach the same classes. Over 1,100 undergraduate biology & microbiology educators from around the world tuned in to ASMCUE 2020, their first virtual conference. Of those attendees, 96% would recommend ASMCUE Virtual to a colleague. For undergraduate educators, ASMCUE Virtual is an event not to be missed.

Registrations and presentations, posters, paper proposals are all accepted. Make sure you sign up on the homepage to be added to the distribution list.

Papers will be considered for publication in the MNT-EC Journal. You can submit for one, two, or all three submission types.

All accepted submissions will require a 2-5min Lightening Round style video giving the highlights of your talk/paper/poster prior to the conference. Specifics will be provided.

Accepted Abstracts can be extended to 1-2 page article that will be considered for publication at The Journal of Micro Nanotechnology Education special issue: MNTeSIG Live! 2021 Conference Proceedings.

Presentations are to be pre-recorded and will be put on a YouTube channel after the conference. Presentation videos will be due at least two weeks before the conference; they can be up to 50min long.

Papers will be posted on the MNTeSIG Website and reviewed/considered for publication in the MNT-EC Journal. Papers are due at least two weeks before the conference.

Posters will be displayed in the virtual poster networking session and posted on the MNTeSIG website. You will be able to interact with conference participants in a virtual space - training will be provided prior to the conference.

Feel free to submit multiple abstracts for different topics, lead authors can submit for multiple authors.

You will be notified as to the lead author as to whether or not your abstract is accepted and will be required to submit additional details at that time.

Supported by the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education (NSF ATE) program, HI-TEC is a national conference on advanced technological education where secondary and postsecondary educators, counselors, industry professionals, trade organizations, and technicians can update their knowledge and skills. Charged with preparing America’s skilled technical workforce, the event focuses on the preparation needed by the existing and future workforce for companies in the high-tech sectors that drive our nation’s economy.

HI-TEC explores the convergence of scientific disciplines and technologies including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Bio and Agricultural Technologies
  • Energy and Environmental Technologies
  • Engineering Technologies
  • Information, Communications, and Geospatial Technologies
  • Learning, Evaluation, and Research
  • Micro and Nanotechnologies
  • Security Technologies
  • Workforce Diversity

The conference will also feature 50+ “on demand” pre-recorded sessions. These can be viewed at your convenience and will be available for six months beginning on July 21. Awardees will be recognized on July 22.

(5 days)

Marriott at the University of Dayton1414 S Patterson BlvdDaytonOH45409

Faculty should have the following to be considered as a participant:

  • Teach at a NATEF accredited post-secondary institution
  • Teach Automotive Technology at a NATEF/ASE Education Foundation post-secondary institution (community college, technical college or university).
  • Have at least two years of experience teaching automotive technology
  • Agree to integrate new concepts related to automated and connected technologies into their curricula as a result of the professional development activities
  • Participate in follow-up activities to improve student learning, including online discussions with other participants and sharing of materials via the website
  • Agree to report demographics and impact data regarding the effects of secondary school outreach activities and the use of new materials for project reports
  • Participate in assessments of the project conducted by the external evaluator
  • Must attend all day all five days to be eligible for stipend

EvaluATE webchats are an opportunity for small groups of ATE evaluation community members to come together to share and learn from each other in real-time. Anyone interested in evaluation is welcome to attend. Participants are encouraged to turn on their webcams and join in the conversation, offering a great opportunity to network.