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Upcoming Events

October 4-7 NACK Center: Nanotechnology Education Train the Trainer Workshop Seriess University Park, PA
October 6-8 2010 NCATC Fall Conference Milwaukee, WI
October 7-8 2010 C3 Conference College Park, MD
October 7-9 ACM SIGITE 2010 Conference on Information Technology Education Midland, MI
October 8 NetWorks Webinar: Innovative Stem Resources Online
October 9-15 Hacker Halted! Conference Miami, FL
October 11-14 NACK Center: Nanotechnology Train the Trainer Workshops University Park, PA
October 12-15 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Anaheim, CA
October 13-15 Critical Issues and Best Practices Conference Galveston, TX
October 16 Pressure Sensor Model Kit Albuquerque, NM
October 16-19 National Council for Workforce Education Fall Conference Washington, DC
October 18-19 AVS Workshops for Teachers Albuquerque, NM
October 18-21 4G World 2010 Chicago, IL
October 18-22 Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications (IMSA 2010) Virtual Conference Online
October 20-22 NASA National Community College Aerospace Scholars Program Houston, TX
October 20-23 National FFA Convention Indianapolis, IN
October 20-23 NCPN Annual Conference Dallas, TX
October 27 Designing Practical and Useful Evaluations Washington DC
October 27-28 Symposium on Frontiers in Photonics: Science and Technology Durham, NC
October 27-29 NSF ATE Principal Investigators Conference Washington, DC
October 27-30 40th Annual Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference Arlington, VA
October 27-30 Bridging the Gulf Panama City, FL
October 31 - November 3 STEMtech 2010 Orlando, FL
November 2-4 AWS Show / FabTech Atlanta, GA
November 3-4 7th Annual Manufacturers Summit and Global Marketplace Orlando, FL
November 4-6 Simulation Tools for Introductory Physics Workshop Baytown, TX
November 4-6 SWE National Conference Orlando, FL
November 6 SCME BioMEMS Workshop Albuquerque, NM
November 12 NetWorks Webinar: Electronics Education Today Online
November 16-18 Hands on Nanofabrication Workshop for Educators State College, PA

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Featured ATE Event

ATE National Principal Investigators Conference October 27-29, 2010

The American Association of Community Colleges with the support of the National Science Foundation will hold the seventeenth national ATE Principal Investigators Conference, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. The conference brings together approximately 800 people to focus on the critical issues related to advanced technological education. Key people working on ATE projects across the country participate in the conference. Conference attendees represent community colleges, business and industry, secondary school systems, four-year colleges, and research and development centers covering projects in a wide variety of areas such as: information technology, engineering technology, micro- and nanotechnologies, chemical technology, biotechnology, and others.

Featured ATE Resources

Here is a small sample of the valuable resources in ATE Central that focus on Biotechnology:

From Bio-Link:

Biotechnology Skills Standards

Here users will find an assortment of Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skills Standards. These should be useful for development of new programs as well as for comparisons with existing programs. The sections discussed are: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Skill Standards, Combined Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards, Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards, Bioscience Industry Skill Standards, National Association of Scientific Materials Managers, ACAP Austin Competency Analysis Profile - Biotechnology, Making Skill Standards Work, and Window on the Workplace.

Biotechnology Venture Capital Fair

A venture capital fair is an event where investors listen to brief presentations from various companies that are seeking capital. Based on these presentations, the investors select those companies they think will be profitable and they consider investing money in those companies. In this activity, the class stages a mock venture capital fair. This activity will introduce the business side of biotechnology, demonstrate some of the valuable products that are being developed by biotechnology companies, and provide practice in delivering an effective presentation. This activity is part of a course, Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology.

From the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing:

Biotechnology Technician Supervisor

This short video, created by Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing, discusses biotechnology as a possible career. The resource interviews management, human resource personnel, and other employees in the field of biotechnology. An excerpt from the site states, "Biotechnology is charting new territories every day - from creating replaceable knees and hips to using nanotechnology to take minute pictures inside the human body." The video explores the many positive aspects of this industry. Some of these include the work environment, the beneficial products produced, and the emerging job market. Explorations of the education needs are also introduced. The twelve community colleges in the state of Connecticut are mentioned for a way to gain expertise and employment in this emerging industry. This is a great resource for students in any state looking for direction into different career avenues.

News & Reminders

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