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Upcoming Events

December 2-4 ACTE Annual Convention & Career & Tech Expo Las Vegas, NV
December 4 SCME MicroCantilevers Workshop Albuquerque, NM
December 7-10 DTN/The Progressive Farmer 2010 Ag Summit Chicago, IL
December 10 NetWorks Webinar: Emerging Technologies Online
December 14-16 Working Connections Winter Retreat Frisco, TX
January 4-8 SCME Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop Albuquerque, NM
January 6-7 Winter ICT Educator Conference San Francisco, CA
January 8-10 Ag Connect Expo 2011 Atlanta, GA
January 8-14 STEM Guitar Workshop Las Vegas, NV
January 13 Industry Advisory Committee Meeting Tampa, FL
January 19 Webinar: Making Sense of Your Evaluation Data Online
January 19-21 STEM 2011 Conference: Bridging Research and Practice Austin, TX
January 22 SCME Crystals and Rainbows Workshop Albuquerque, NM

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Featured ATE Project

Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program

The Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) program, from the CBIA Education Foundation and the Connecticut College of Technology, is dedicated "to research and present creative technological solutions to environmental, medical and space exploration applications" aiming "to encourage the reuse of materials, thus minimizing the use of scarce resources, to preserve and enhance life." On their site, visitors will find information about the program's projects, teams, and news and events. There is also additional information about the Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program.

Featured ATE Resources

Here is a small sample of the valuable resources in ATE Central that focus on Manufacturing:

From the National Center for Manufacturing Education (NCME):

Manufacturing Engineering Television (METV)

Manufacturing practitioners can tune into award-winning video programs to develop industry and technological insights. METV — Manufacturing Engineering magazine's Web streaming video channel — now webcasts two complete video programs online each month for free and on demand. Each month's METV offerings correspond with the topics covered in Manufacturing Engineering magazine. METV is provided in a streaming format. To view, Windows Media Player, version 11 or higher, and a high speed internet connection are needed.

Skill Standards for Technicians in the Highly Automated Manufacturing Environment

This 45-page spiral bound book provides employers, prospective employers, and/or educators with 56 skill standard statements that represent the expected behavior, conditions, and standards at the technician level for the first six months in a given manufacturing position. The statements are divided into 14 areas such as Operating Systems, Automated Material Handling Systems, Process Technologies, Team Leadership, and 300mm Technology. Although adaptable, and containing several general topic areas, some of the material is targeted specifically toward the semiconductor manufacturing area.

From the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center's (FLATE) Made in Florida:

More About Manufacturing

Learn more about real manufacturing products and careers by watching interviews, virtual tours, and listening to audio interviews with people who chose a career in manufacturing in Florida. View virtual tours of some of the coolest manufacturing companies in Florida. Click on "How Everyday Things are Made" if you've ever wondered how things are made - products like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles - or if you've been interested in manufacturing processes, like forging, casting, or injection molding. Click on "Cool Videos of Stuff Being Made" which comes from The National Association of Manufacturers, Dream it - Do it campaign, and lets visitors see what modern manufacturing looks like today. New videos are posted every Saturday.

News & Reminders

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