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Upcoming Events

January 4-8 SCME Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop Albuquerque, NM
January 6-7 Winter ICT Educator Conference San Francisco, CA
January 8-10 Ag Connect Expo 2011 Atlanta, GA
January 8-14 STEM Guitar Workshop Las Vegas, NV
January 10 CCDC Qualifying Round Begins Laurel, MD
January 13 Industry Advisory Committee Meeting Tampa, FL
January 19 Webinar: Making Sense of Your Evaluation Data Online
January 19-21 STEM 2011 Conference: Bridging Research and Practice Austin, TX
January 22 SCME Crystals and Rainbows Workshop Albuquerque, NM
February 8-10 World Ag Expo Tulare, CA
February 11 Lean and Green: Next Generation Careers in Technology Manchester, CT
February 11 NetWorks Webinar: Minority Males - The Invisible Men Online
February 17-21 The AAAS Community College Forum: Lessons Learned about Biotechnology Education Washington D.C.
February 25 Introduction to Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up Online
February 26 SCME: Pressure Sensor Process Workshop Sandia Park, NM

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Featured ATE Center

Bio-Link: Educating the BioTechnology Workforce

Bio-Link is the Next Generation National Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center of Excellence for Biotechnology and Life Sciences. Bio-Link originated in late 1998 with a grant from the National Science Foundation as a National ATE Center for Biotechnology. Bio-Link enhances biotechnology education programs by providing cutting edge professional development for instructors, by improving curriculum, by making use of technologies and by creating a system for sharing of information. The Bio-Link National Center is at City College of San Francisco with office space at the University of California San Francisco. Regional Bio-Link Centers across the country are located in Seattle, WA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Madison, WI; Graham, NC; and Portsmouth, NH. Their website compiles advice on course curricula, describes new technologies pertinent to the industry at large, and creates a network of industrial and educational centers that is searchable by region.

Featured ATE Resources

Here is a small sample of the valuable resources in ATE Central that focus on Engineering:

From Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy Technology (CERET):

Introduction to Hydrogen Fuel Cells

As part of their mission to increase "the availability and use of renewable energy through a world-class Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy Technologies", CERET provides online web resources including a series of learning objects. Here visitors will find an interactive page using flash software that gives a brief overview on how the fuel cell works and some of its functions. The website has an introductory animation which is followed by more in depth description of the hydrogen fuel cell.

Solar Technology: Flat Panel Solar Collectors

As part of their mission to increase "the availability and use of renewable energy through a world-class Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy Technologies", CERET provides online web resources including a series of learning objects. Here visitors will find a brief overview on the materials included in a flat panel solar collector as well as the reasons/benefits behind using certain materials.

From NetWorks:


These interactive learning objects, created by instructors from Fox Valley Technical College and other colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College program, focus on concepts that cover a broad-based electromechanical program. Here visitors will find learning objects in Hydraulics with over 25 lessons in Actuators, Relief Valves, Basic Concepts, and Directional Control Valves.

News & Reminders

ATEEC seeks reviewers for eERL resources

ATEEC is looking for environmental and energy specialists to vet (review) materials for the electronic Environmental and Energy Resources Library. If you are interested in participating please contact Lora at

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