Outreach Kit, Section 5: Further Reading & Final Thoughts

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Download Outreach Template Planning Table 


Once you’ve worked through the various sections of this kit, you should be well on your way to creating an outreach plan that matches the goals and objectives of your ATE project or center, aligns with your brand, and helps you connect with your key audiences.

An outreach plan is never static, so work with your team on a regular basis to update and modify the plan each year taking into account changes in your field, educational landscape, and feedback from outside sources including your education and industry partners, your external evaluator, and other critical stakeholders, including your funding agency.

And remember: we’re here for you – send us your comments, ideas, and questions and please let us know how we can improve the kit or if there are resources you’d like us to include.

Further Reading

The links below serve as a way to explore some of the topics in the kit more thoroughly.  They are grouped into related sections to make them easier to navigate.

General Outreach/Marketing

Website Content

Social Media

Social Media Tools & Metrics

Working with Media

Branding & Messaging

Smart Goals