Social Media Resources

The list of social media resources is as seemingly endless as the web itself, so we've focused on recommending the best planning tools and tips and tricks for getting started with a quick spin through Social Media 101 at the end. In addition, we've also provided a PDF version of the Social Media Guide in its entirety.

Planning Tools

Social Media Calendar Template

Create an Editorial Calendar for Social Media

Sample Social Media Tactical Plan

Tips and Tricks

Social Media Best Practices

Effective Facebook Wall Posts

Facebook Marketing

The Twitter Guide Book

Build a Following on Twitter

Social Media 101

Statistics for Social Media

Social Media Handbook: This is focused on public media, but includes an expansive list of additional tools as well as case studies.

Social Media Success Toolkit offers free traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more for websites. Check out your competition! is a commercial marketing company that offers free webinars about social media strategy, tips and tricks. is a premier site for social media news, tips, and tricks as well as 35 different case studies with examples of different types of social media in action. offers comprehensive data and lists on all website categories and subjects. Check out their evolving ranking of top 100 sites and their blog directory.

For a listing of ATE Projects and Centers and ATE partners and collaborators who are using Social Media check out our ATE Social Media Directory.