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Chemical Mechanical Planarization - Multilayer Planarization

This animation is provided by Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) and shows the dual damascene process. There are many different ways in which the dual damascene process is used. The animation shows an overview of one process:

  • In the dual damascene process, a low-k dielectric is added. ​
  • CMP is used to remove dielectric down to depth of the vias.
  • Silicon nitride is deposited and the resist is added and exposed.
  • The surface is etched and a second layer of low-k dielectric is added.
  • CMP is used to remove the dielectric down to the final thickness of the metal lines.
  • Resist is added for vias and metal lines.
  • The surface is exposed and removed.
  • The dielectric is etched and the resist is removed.
  • The metal barrier and metal are added.
  • Depending on the process, this could be copper.
  • The metal and metal barrier are removed through CMP.

The animation also includes brief text descriptions. An .mp4 is also available and runs 01:16 minutes in length. 

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