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Connecticut Pathways to Innovation 21


The Connecticut Pathways to Innovation 21st Century (CPI21) project is preparing students from historically underrepresented urban, suburban, and rural CT school districts and developing workforce skills for STEM careers through the completion of articulated high school and college coursework that leads to two- and four-year STEM college degrees. It is implementing a STEM Academy in 12 urban and 12 suburban high schools to: 1) offer an experiential learning-based curriculum that includes three newly developed digital media elective courses; 2) build teacher capacity to deliver the Academy curriculum; and 3) provide experiences that challenge students to research, develop, design, and present their unique solutions to authentic problems. The STEM Academy enables high school students to earn up to 15 community college credits for courses that are delivered using on-line and in-person instruction. The project's results and educational resources are being disseminated nationally through NSF ATE/ITEST Projects and Regional Centers, educational agencies, consortia, and professional associations; guided by an advisory board consisting of stakeholders from a variety of business, college, K-12, government, and not-for-profit entities. On this site, visitors can find out more about Education Connection's Center for 21st Century Skills, including curriculum materials in biology, digital media, energy, and more.

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Award Number 1003536, 1304609
ATE Principal Investigator Jonathan Costa
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ATE Start Date 2010-07-01
ATE Expiration Date 2016-12-31
Primary Institution Education Connection
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