The Articulated Technological Education Pathways (ATEP) project develops three semester-long courses for high school students that provide a bridge from high school technical programs to community college programs in technician education. The three courses address standards-driven technology concepts and skills and STEM career choices in biochemical technology, information and communications technology, and materials and manufacturing technology. Curriculum development is guided by contemporary pedagogical practice and matched to industry competencies and STEM academic learning standards. The materials are mainly digital - emphasizing web-based learning and hands-on, design-based, physical modeling activities that can be delivered as hybrid courses. Each course consists of two eight-week modules that can serve as replacement or supplementary curricula for high school Science, Career and Technical Education, engineering, and technology education programs. Each course is developed by a team consisting of content experts, faculty from high schools and community colleges and a senior level industrialist. The first module in each course is introductory and builds on previous work at the Center for Technological Literacy. The content of the remaining modules is determined by the assessment-driven design process of Wiggins and McTighe to emphasize key concepts and builds on previous work at ATE Centers and projects. The materials were pilot tested in classrooms, evaluated and revised before field testing. Guides are prepared for teachers, administrators and parents. The materials include a published hybrid text and web-based cyber-learning instruction on Research was conducted to determine how effectively the ATEP hybrid program engages students, supports their learning of important STEM concepts and workplace skills and serves to interest them pursue further STEM education leading to STEM careers. On the site, visitors will find an overview of ATEP and an overview of their activities.

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September 15th, 2011
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August 31st, 2016
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Michael Hacker
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Hofstra University
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