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Quantifying Land Cover Change in Maine


Learning Unit Description:

The Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training Project (iGETT) presents a series of Learning Units (LU) designed to incorporate federal land remote sensing data into Geographic Information System (GIS) instruction. The Quantifying Land Cover Change in Maine LU, created by Tora Johnson of University of Maine at Machias and Washington County Community College, will illustrate how Landsat data and the use of GIS software can support quantitative assessment of land cover change. The example of Downeast Maine is used to teach the concept of change detection through the use of ENVI, ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst software. 

The iGETT Learning Units amount to about two weeks of instruction and are designed for use both as “skills-based case studies and building blocks for new courses.” All LUs are intended for students with a basic understanding of GIS. Each LU includes three core documents, an instructor’s guide, a student guide, and a curriculum support document, as well as the remote sensing data needed to complete the unit.​ This course requires ​students to have basic knowledge of image analysis and some introductory knowledge of ArcGIS. The unit takes five to six hours of lab time and is intended to cover three lab periods. 

Upon completion of the lesson, students should have a basic understanding of digital number, radiance and reflection, and their use in image analysis; the purpose and application of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), supervised classification, and change detection using ENVI; as well as the use of Landsat data. 

For orientation purposes, viewers should begin with the ‘Thumbnail’ PDF document, which offers a description of the LU as well as an overview of topics covered, required software, and the intended audience.

Lesson Contents:

The attached files associated with this LU exist in a variety of formats and a variety of geospatial data file types.

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

  •   Documents
    • Lesson Overview (Johnson_Thumbnail.pdf 287KB)
    • Instructor Guide (TJohnson_IG_Final.pdf 1.6MB)
    • Student Handout (TJohnson_SH_Final .pdf 4.2MB)
    • Curriculum Support Document (TJohnson_CS.pdf 34KB)
  • Data
    • tjohnson_LU_data1 (tjohnson_LU_data1.rar)
      • L7_1999
        • (L71010029_02919990927_B50.TIF 59.1MB)
        • (L71010029_02919990927_B61.TIF 14.8MB)
        • (L71010029_02919990927_B40.TIF 59.1MB)
        • (L72010029_02919990927_B80.TIF 236.4MB)
        • (L72010029_02919990927_B30.TIF 59.1MB)
        • (L72010029_02919990927_B20.TIF 59.1MB)
        • (L72010029_02919990927_B10.TIF 59.1MB)
        • (README.GTF 7KB)
        • (L72010029_02919990927_B70.TIF 59.1MB)
        • (L72010029_02919990927_B62.TIF 14.8MB)
        • (L71010029_02919990927_MTL.txt 66KB)
        • (L71010029_02919990927_GCP.txt 15KB) 
    • tjohnson_LU_data2 (tjohnson_LU_data2.rar)
      • anchor
        • (L72010029_02920080919_B80.TIF 241.7MB)
        • (L72010029_02920080919_B62.TIF 15.1MB)
        • (L72010029_02920080919_B70.TIF 60.5MB)
        • (L72010029_02920080919_B50.TIF 60.5MB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_MTL.txt 66KB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_B61.TIF 15.1MB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_GCP.txt 20KB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_B30.TIF 60.5MB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_B40.TIF 60.5MB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_B20.TIF 60.5MB)
        • (L71010029_02920080919_B10.TIF 60.5MB)
    • tjohnson_LU_data3 (tjohnson_LU_data3.rar)
      • (Thumbs.db 6KB)
      • fill_scene_1
        • (L72010029_02920070917_B80.TIF 239.8MB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_B20.TIF 60MB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_B10.TIF 60MB)
        • (L72010029_02920070917_B70.TIF 60MB)
        • (L72010029_02920070917_B62.TIF 15MB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_B50.TIF 60MB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_B61.TIF 15MB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_MTL.TIF 66KB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_B40.TIF 60MB)
        • (L71010029_02920070917_B30.TIF 60MB)
    • tjohnson_LU_data4 (tjohnson_LU_data4.rar)
      • fill_scene_2
        • (L72011029_02920071026_B70.TIF 61.4MB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_B50.TIF 61.4MB)
        • (L72011029_02920071026_B62.TIF 15.4MB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_MTL.TIF 66KB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_B61.TIF 15.4MB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_B30.TIF 61.4MB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_B40.TIF 61.4MB)
        • (L72011029_02920071026_B80.TIF 245.4MB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_B20.TIF 61.4MB)
        • (L71011029_02920071026_B10.TIF 61.4MB)
        • (README.GTF 7KB)
    • tjohnson_LU_data5 (tjohnson_LU_data5.rar)
      • (hydro_features.sbn 2KB)
      • (hydro_features.prj 242 bytes)
      • (hydro_features.dbf 2KB)
      • (hydro_features.shp.xml 12KB)
      • (hydro_features.sbx 284 bytes)
      • (Vegetation Tool.tbx 64KB)
      • (hydro_featur.img.xml 611 bytes)
      • (hydro_featur.img.vat.dbf 127 bytes)
      • (hydro_featur.img 1.5MB)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast.prj 402 bytes)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast.dbf 73 bytes)
      • (Landsat_Info_table_demo_dneast_r29.xls 11KB)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast.shx 108 bytes)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast.shp 252 bytes)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast.sbx 116 bytes)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast.sbn 132 bytes)
      • (region_of_interest_dneast_.dbf 73 bytes)
      • (earth_sun_distance_table_complete.xls 67KB)
      • (Landsat_Info_table_blank.xls 10KB)
      • (high_value_wetlands.shx 5KB)
      • (high_value_wetlands.dbf 203KB)
      • (high_value_wetlands.prj 424 bytes)
      • (high_value_wetlands.sbp.xml 56KB)
      • (high_value_wetlands.sbn 6KB)
      • (high_value_wetlands.sbx 812 bytes)
      • (townships.shp 1.2MB)
      • (townships.shx 6KB)
      • (townships.prj 424 bytes)
      • (townships.dbf 118KB)
      • (townships.sbp.xml 72KB)
      • (townships.sbx 492 bytes)
      • (townships.sbn 8KB)
      • (hillshade.aux 6KB)
      • (high_value_wetlands.shp 4.3MB)
      • (hydro_features.shx 2KB)
      • (hydro_features.shp 1.6MB)
      • Ground_truth_data (114 data files, 155KB)
      • hillshade (9 data files, 2.8MB)
      • info (8 data files, 12KB)
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